Thursday, December 11, 2008

Insect-related Gifts - part 1

With the holiday season upon us, our blogs will focus on insect related gifts. In fact, three of the "10 Top Science Toys for Kids" on US News and World Report's list this Christmas are bug-related. We are not selling any of these toys, just making you aware so your options are open to all things buggy. Here are the three toys on a current list:
1. Inflatable insects. We are not sure how these giant inflatable bugs "let kids build their new pets houses and cages" as advertised, but the ladybug, dragonfly, grasshopper, ant, and bee are colorful and fun. According to the copy, they inspire kids to learn more about insects. The blow-up bugs come with a repair kit and activity guide. Ages 3 and up.
2. Big Bad Booming Bugs may be a more interactive toy. It is an electronic observation station that lets kids capture insects and then examine them closely. The kit contains a "scooper," magnifying lens and earphones to let you get up close and personal with bugs. It also comes with information about ants, beetles, and grasshoppers. As advertized, the dome's base surface is sensitive enough that larger insects can be heard walking across it. Information on bugs is included. Ages 6 and up.
3. EyeClops BioniCam is "much  more than a microscope." Parents' Choice calls it an "eyeball on a stick." It lets kids zoom in on all kinds of tiny things - including bugs. Photos taken with the camera can also be uploaded to a computer for even closer inspection. Ages 8 and up.
Tomorrow's blog will look at insect-inspired art, home goods and clothing items for the bug lovers on your list.


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