Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday's Quiz: Pantry Pests

Today's quiz asks you to test your knowledge of common pantry pests. These are stored product pests that infest dry goods in your pantry - including moths and weevils. See how much you know about these uninvited guests.

1. Grain moths often come in pre-packaged food from the store. What is the best way to find the source of infestation?
a. Put out traps.
b. Look in whole grain foods like rice and oatmeal.
c. Call a pest professional to check your cabinets.
d. Inspect all dry goods.

2. Cigarette beetles are a common stored product pest (see illustration above). In which stored products are they most commonly found?
a. sugar and flour
b. cornmeal and oatmeal
c. dog food and paprika
d. rice and coffee

3. Pantry moths develop from egg to adult in about
a. 3-5 days
b. 10-14 days
c. 16-20 days
d. 3-4 weeks

4. How do meal worms usually spend the winter?
a. in hibernation
b. as larvae
c. as pupae
d. under ground

5. It is rarely effective to use insecticides against pantry moths because
a. the larvae and pupae are not controlled with insecticide
b. the moths actually feed on insecticides
c. insecticides have little or no residual effect
d. moths can fly away from the poison

6. Indian meal moths are one of the most common of stored product pests. The "webbing" or silk mat that identifies their feeding area is left by
a. the adult moths
b. the larvae
c. the pupae
d. all of the above

7. Small, wormlike bugs in the pantry are usually
a. parasites that feed on moths
b. undeveloped beetles
c. larval moths
d. worker moths

Answers to today's quiz will be published in tomorrow's blog.

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