Monday, December 15, 2008

Insect-related Gifts - Part 2

Shown: Lucite Ladybug Bracelets - available here.

Today we bring you more ideas for gifts from the world of bugs. They go way beyond that cute dragonfly T-shirt you picked up for your niece. These are gifts that would make any entomologist happy. 
1. World Bugs has real insects, tastefully framed for display, available on their website. Our favorite is a collection of green beetles set in a circular pattern, mounted in a sturdy cedar frame between two panes of glass. The product notes confirm that only "A" quality insects are used. The same website offers a variety of bugs, everything from the peanut-head lantern fly to a Tail-less whip scorpion. Check it out!
2. The "Bug Gift Shop" online - in spite of its name - is not a site for buying your favorite bug a gift. Rather, it is an emporium of bug-related gift items. Part of a larger site called "Animal Den," you'll fin dragonfly address labels, plush grasshoppers, lightening bug shirts, and butterfly bracelets, blankets and charms are just some of the items available for purchase. 
3. Nature Pavilion carries a nice selection of life insect kits - kits to raise ladybugs, butterflies, or even mealworm beetles - not to mention the once-popular sea monkeys! They also carry insect nets and catchers, plus an amazingly large collection of framed insects, insect paperweights, and keychains. This diverse site offers books, DVD's, nature toys, craft kits, jewelry, clothing, stationery and posters. 
4. Looking for something different? Really different? Browse through "Wings in Motion." The site contains over 400 different insect items with pictures and facts. We were fascinated by the 
Electronic Butterfly Kits, Twilight Firefly Insect Lighting Effects, and Glow in the Dark Fridge Magnets. This is also the place to go if you are interested in live butterflies for release at a special event.
5. Last but certainly not least, you can create your own insect-related gift at CartoonStock, a site with hundreds of bug-themed cartoons which can be applied to a variety of gifts: T-shirts, tote bags, mouse pads, mugs, greeting cards, business cards, aprons, magnets, etc. For the record, they catalogue cartoons with all kinds of different themes - not just bugs.
Happy shopping!


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